You'll never regret a workout... That's what I was telling myself at 6:00 a.m. when my alarm was encouraging me to wake up, get dressed and hit the pavement. It's hard to stay motivated. It's been a week since my last workout and two weeks since my last update.

Some weeks there is so much going on that I lose focus, get off track and don't get out of bed. I'm human - what can I say?

It's easy to make excuses not to workout, 'it was raining' or 'I had to work late last night and wanted to sleep in...' some mornings it just doesn't happen.

Today I awoke with renewed focus, and I reminded myself that despite my laziness the past two weeks I won't reach my goals if I don't get started.

What do I tell myself when I don't want to get up? -- "You'll never regret a workout."

It's a simple statement, but it's a good reminder, because I certainly have regrets for not working out.

Need some motivation? I use Pinterest - search 'fitness motivation,' and you'll find plenty of photos of hot bodies to aspire to as well as tips and quotes to keep you going.