For those of you who are intrigued by the paranormal, the East Texas Ghost Con 2012 is this Friday and Saturday (Aug. 17-18) in Marshall at the Marshall Visual Arts Center. Participants will take part in a ghost walk of historical cemeteries, seminars and lectures on the paranormal and more.

What’s a ghost con? It’s a conference for paranormal professionals, would-be investigators of paranormal activity, and people who just want to know more about the supernatural, the unexplained and how to go about investigating it.

Guest speakers include “Everyday Paranormal” founders Brad and Barry Klinge of San Antonio, from the Discovery Channel series “Ghost Lab” and the new Internet series, “The Dead Truth.”

Other speakers include Larry Flaxman, best-selling author of several books on paranormal subjects; Mitchel Whitington, of Jefferson, author and lecturer on the paranormal.

Medium and psychic paranormal Dakota Lawrence, of Shreveport, will be hosting a special gallery reading. Lawrence has on SyFy/Spooked TV.

For more information and a complete listing of events and ticket prices, check out East Texas ghost con 2012.event or contact Marshall Convention and Visitors Bureau at 903-702-7777.

Check this YouTube video from Ghost Lab.