“Gift of The Month” Clubs – The gifts that keep giving! But these aren't just any ole “Gift of The Month” Clubs, these are unique. From Ties to Beer to Teddy Bears of the month, there's something for everybody.


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The Breakfast of The Month Club

The Breakfast of Champions!

The Breakfast of the Month Club is an experience they'll look forward to month after month! Each month a complete, gourmet breakfast will be delivered to your loved ones front door!

Mouth-watering breakfast items including a pancake, waffle, crepe, scone, danish or corn bread mix; an organic syrup, preserve, honey or other spread; a delicious side item like granola, dried fruit or savory bacon; and a hot breakfast beverage like 100% Arabica coffee, loose-leaf tea or hot cocoa.


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Necktie of The Month Club

The Perfect Gift For The Men In Your Life!

The Necktie of the Month Club is the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Every month a new, 100% silk, designer necktie hand-selected by a team of New York fashion professionals will be delivered.

These are some of the same neckties you'll find in fine menswear shops and upscale department stores nationwide and each is chosen to meet the standards, and the image, of today's modern executives and working professionals.


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The BBQ Sauce of the Month Club is the only gift for the person that loves all things barbecue! Each month they'll receive 2 different bottles of hard-to-find, gourmet barbecue sauces from award-winning chefs and locally-famous BBQ joints all across the country.

Every sauce has been carefully selected by BBQ experts who sample hundreds of different sauces every year. And many of the monthly selections have been awarded the highest honors at competitive tasting festivals and national BBQ championships.


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The Pizza of The Month Club

Pepperoni Please!

The Pizza of the Month Club is the gift that will delight anyone who can't live without their little slice of heaven! Every month they'll receive 3 different varieties of deep-dish, authentic Chicago-style pizza.

These pizzas are handmade and flash-frozen for fresh delivery. Each month is a different and unique pizza – never the same pizza twice! Each 9″ gourmet pizza is handmade from premium, all-natural ingredients and after one bite you may never want to visit your local pizza parlor again!


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The Teddy Bear of The Month Club

A Child's Best Friend!

The Teddy Bear of the Month Club is the for the special child in your life (or even the child inside that special grown-up)! Every month that child will receive an adorable, soft and cuddly teddy bear all dressed up in a seasonal theme.

You may see a skiing bear in the winter, a surfing bear in the summer, or even an oh-so-scary bear for Halloween! The beautiful teddy bears measure a full 12″ to 15″ high and are carefully chosen for their quality, seasonality and “cute factor”.


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The Beer of the Month Club is for any beer lover! Each month 12 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, specialty micro-brews from award-winning, regional breweries across the country will be delivered.

Each shipment will include four different varieties of premium, hand-crafted beer carefully selected by their experts and brewed in limited quantities by master brewers nationwide. Hundreds of micro-brewed beers are sampled every year and only the best-of-the-best become selections of the Beer of the Month Club.


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The Hot Sauce of the Month Club is the perfect gift when they like it hot, hot, hot! Each month we'll deliver 2 different bottles of hard-to-find, limited-production hot sauces from gourmet chefs and restaurants around the world. They sample hundreds of new hot sauces every year looking for the perfect combination of fire and flavor and only the best of the best are chosen for our members.

If you're serious about your hot sauce, you'll be seriously crazy about these incredible selections. They offer 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and a Hot Sauce of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.


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The Chocolate of the Month Club

Chocolate Is Divine!

The Chocolate of the Month Club is the perfect gift for anyone who loves chocolate! Each month they'll deliver a new, 1-pound selection of gourmet chocolates made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients and shipped fresh from specialty chocolate makers nationwide. From delicious truffles and pralines – to melt-in-your-mouth caramels and creams – dozens of chocolates are sampled of premium chocolates every month and only the best-of-the-best become selections of the Chocolate of the Month Club.


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The Peanut Butter & Jelly of the Month Club is a gourmet gift for the kid in all of us! Every month new varieties of hard-to-find, gourmet peanut butters & jellies from small, boutique peanut butter and jelly makers around the world will be delivered. Hundreds of unique and delicious peanut butters and jellies are sampled every year and only the very best are chosen. If you're serious about your peanut butter & jelly, this is a gourmet gift you simply cannot live without!


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The Dog Treat of the Month Club

Spot Can't Resist These Gourmet Treats!

The Dog Treat of the Month Club is the perfect gift for your furriest (and most loyal) four-legged friend! Each month canine gourmet-experts (Fido, Spot and Champ) sample dozens of all-natural, specialty-flavored dog treats from boutique producers nationwide judging them for flavor, freshness, and bow-wow-wonderfulness. Each monthly delivery weighs in at nearly a full pound of doggie-deliciousness and only the very best become selections of the Dog Treat of the Month Club.