Glee comes back this Thursday, and the first two episodes are all about the Beatles, but word today is that we may be up for a Pop Rivalry episode featuring Lady Gaga + Katy Perry.

A reliable Glee fansite, GleekOutBrasil, claims the fourth episode is called, 'A Katy or a Gaga,' and will introduce Adam Lambert's character, reportedly named 'Starchild.'

The rivalry started up last month as both ladies released their new singles on the same day. While they have denied rivalry rumors, and been supportive of one another, fans seem to have their own ideas.

The episode is planned to feature songs from both artists including a performance by Adam of Gaga's 'Marry the Night" in addition to an ensemble performance of Katy's 'Roar.'

Glee has featured songs from both artists in previous seasons, remember this?