It's a super-sized extravaganza for Gleeks as tomorrow nights Glee episode is expanded to 90 minutes! The episode is called "Born This Way", after Lady Gaga's latest hit song. Although the song is in this episode it is not all about Lady Gaga - the show will also feature songs from Keane, Sammy Davis Jr. and TLC with their song "Unpretty".

Lady Gaga posted a 50 second teaser of the episode on her Facebook page which shows Mr. Schuester telling the glee club that while the members accept each other, they all don't feel very good about themselves. So, for this week's assignment, Mr. Schue tells the kids,

I want all of you to sing songs about accepting yourself for who you are -- the best and the worst parts."

And the second part of the assignment, Mr. Scheuster explains, is

a group number by the queen of self-love, Gaga," adding, "We're gonna perform her anthem to acceptance: 'Born this Way.'" (YouTube)

See if for yourself below.