Ever been on a diet and decided to splurge on a really big calorie-busting snack?

It just tastes so darn good! In fact, it tastes best when we're not supposed to have it. And now there's scientific evidence to prove it.

Time Magazine says the guilt involved with eating something we shouldn't, is exactly what makes it taste so good.

A new study was conducted to figure out if sweet foods that are bad for us taste better while we're on a diet. (How awesome would it be to be on that panel? More chocolate and ice cream please...I couldn't quite tell if that last gooey, drizzley bite tasted better than it usually does. More in the name of research!) What they found, was that yes, guilt-ridden foods, especially the sweet stuff, really do taste better when we're not supposed to have them.

What's more, the study found this concept applies to other things like smoking and excessive drinking too. People with those habits might get a charge out of them because they're discouraged.

As a result of all this, the ads for guilt-free chips might go away because the "guilt-free" implies that it doesn't taste as good.

Hmm....I wonder if we can heap guilt upon ourselves and make brussel sprouts taste like a chocolate sundae. It's worth a shot.