This is the first review session of last week's horror movies. Thankfully there were a group of great movies to review. Here is what I watched and what I thought about them.

Through October eighth to the fourteenth there were some interesting movies to watch on Netflix. Not all scary movies will be winners. Not all horror movies actually scare you. Sometimes the film is stocked with so much horrible acting, terrible plot, and the worst special effects that the movie just makes you laugh. But, every once and a while there is one that is aesthetically pleasing with a great story.   This week's movies had a little of everything.

Day One: Case 39 (2009)

Case 39 stars Rene Zellweger as a case worker that falls into a terrifying situation when she tries to save a child. Zellweger is covering a case of a young girl that is thought to be living in an abusive home. When a horrible scene where the child is almost murdered, Zellweger decides to adopt the little one. After time spent with the child, weird and haunting things start to happen. This movie was a great take on the trend of children not being all that they seem. I remember watching The Good Son when I was a child and how it terrified me. Now there are movies like Insidious, and Orphan. But, Case 39 takes this idea to a new level. I highly recommend this movie.

Day Two: 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

With a cast of Carmen Electra, Charlie O'Connell, and Brooke Hogan, how could this movie not be great? If you couldn't gather from just the title of this movie, it is one that will make you laugh. The cast does a great injustice to the art of acting. The script is no help to these terrible actors, it will actually make you feel as if you are losing IQ points as you watch the movie. The special effects are so very unrealistic that, even if this movie was based on a true story, you would not be terrified to jump into open water. What can you expect from a movie about a two-headed shark? I believe if you click this title than you deserve the torture of watching this circus of idiocy play out.

Day Three: Apartment 143 (2011)

I began watching this move because I thought Apartment 143 could be a needle in the haystack of all the paranormal fake documentaries being produced lately. I was wrong. Though the movie had potential, I was unimpressed with the execution. A family haunted by a spirit, one they may know, leads to them calling in experts to help figure things out. It turned out to just be another movie about a ghost captured with loads of cameras set up throughout a space. The idea that the ghost may be the mother that had recently passed, and the young son was speaking to her was a great idea lost in this horrible movie. If you are looking to fall asleep fast, watch this movie.

Day Four: Black Death (2011)

Black Death is a fantastic movie. All of its components aline to create a grand experience in cinema. An all star cast, gorgeous imagery, interesting idea, and heart warming/breaking story. This movie contains all that you need from a horror film. The movie is set during the outbreak of the plague. There are subgroups of people trying to handle the disease the best they can. But, the way one village tries to handle the situation is very unusual. I will not ruin the plot, because I believe everyone should watch this amazing movie.

Day Five: Hisss (2010)

That is not a typo that you see, this movie deserves that extra s. This foreign film from India is a quirky story of NāgaNāga is the snake goddess found mainly in Buddhism and Hinduism. In this modern day set movie, the snake goddess is separated from her snake lover making her become human to find him. The man that has separated them is a great portrayal of the classic villain. He is suffering from a brain tumor and wants to steal the snake goddess' power of immortality. Though this movie is a little silly, it is still a great watch. In the end, this movie is not to scare you but make you giggle a little.

Day Six: Slither (2006)

Slither is another great movie. The cast, ridiculous plot, and the movie's ability to make fun of itself makes for a fun time. A small town is invaded with slimy slithering aliens that are planning to take over the world. With a love story playing out amidst the alien attack, this flick is truly a great movie to watch with friends or even on date night. Though there is a little bit of gross and gore, Slither is still a comedy. Watching Slither will tickle your sides as it turns your stomach. If I were rating these movies, this one would be a close second best to watch.

Day Seven: The Perfect Witness (2007)

For the final day, a step a little off the path is a welcome thing. The Perfect Witness is a step in the right direction. This suspenseful serial killer thriller is a fantastic movie to make your knuckles clench around a pillow until they are white. The Perfect Witness is not your average serial killer flick. Right from the beginning, the killer is found out and filmed in the act. The twist to the story is that this killer is being forced into confessing all of his murders in a documentary by a struggling film maker. But, black mailing is never an easy job. The film maker discovers a past of abuse and misery while being tormented himself. Such an awesome pick for your halloween movie lineup.

This week held some great films, hopefully when I report back to you next week there will be more great horror movies to review. Remember, these movies are not meant for the little ones or the weak of heart, bladder, or stomach. Turn on the night light, curl up under the covers, and get ready for another week of the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge.