Kellie Pickler got our attention earlier this month when she shaved her head to support a friend who was going through chemo therapy.

Countless celebrities this month have been sporting the pink ribbons to raise breast cancer awareness, and some of them have even been talking about their own battles with breast cancer, including Melissa Etheridge and Wanda Sykes.

For many of us, breast cancer survivor stories are personal ones.

My aunt is a two-time breast cancer survivor. You probably know someone who has been touched by the disease too, if that person isn't in your very own family.

October is nearly half over, but there's still time to get involved in supporting those with breast cancer, and helping prevent it in others. There are countless organizations that do a great job, but one non-profit that I stumbled upon called Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas caters just to Texans.

The players and coaches in the NFL have been wearing pink this month, even at the risk of a total clash with the other colors in the team uniforms. We love that!

To the breast cancer survivors, you're an inspiration! And there's plenty more work to be done.