Sometimes (most of the time) I catch on to shows late. I discovered "Downton Abbey" via Netflix streaming last year, and I was immediately sucked in. Season One was the only one available on streaming. I could have added the discs for Season Two to my queue, but I share it with the boyfriend and I haven't yet share the show with him.

I tried to find it on cable, but didn't realize that it was a part of masterpiece theater so I couldn't find it via the search function. Now, I have the discs scheduled to arrive in next wave of DVDs. I have been really excited about catching up on the show.

Then today I hear that a character was killed off last season due to a star not signed in time. So now the cast has been signed to long-term deals, including stars Hugh Bonneville (‘Earl Crawley’) & Elizabeth McGovern (‘Lady Crawley’) at over $1.5 million. “Downton Abbey” returns for it’s 4th season January 5th on PBS.

Want to discover "Downtown Abbey" for yourself?