Most people would get spooked pretty quickly if a federal law enforcement agency made direct phone contact asking about unpaid taxes or fines.  It's only natural your first reaction might be to try taking care of the supposed problem quickly rather than face further ramifications.  For professional phone scammers, this is an ideal situation to exploit for easy paydays.  Now comes word from the FBI that this is exactly what's been happening recently all over Texas. 

Reports say callers claim to represent the FBI, IRS, & other government offices, demanding immediate payment for past due monies. These crooks do their homework too, usually knowing the names, backgrounds, & cell phone numbers of their potential victims.  In many cases, the number showing up on caller ID is the FBI's Wichita Falls office (940-766-4441), making the "pay now or else" tactic seem even more legitimate.  If you get a call like this, the FBI reminds you not to share any personal information, & then immediately contact their Internet Crime Complaint Center.