If you've been listening to the show, or following my blog then you've learned that fitness is an on going goal for me. Over the years, I have tried many different diets and exercises in order to keep my weight at a healthy level and improve my physical fitness. Saturday morning I put myself to the test, the 360 Fitness HEAT Challenge.

I recently joined a gym close to the radio station, 360 Fitness. Saturday they hosted a HEAT challenge, and I took part. HEAT stands for High Endurance Athletic Training and is 360's version of cross-fit personal training. The program is offered multiple days a week with a focus on arms, legs and cardio on staggered days.

Saturday instead of the usual cardio class, the gym hosted the HEAT Challenge. Six contestants at a time lined up and completed 360 timed reps, with the two fastest times receiving t-shirts. If it sounds like a lot - it is. I volunteered to be in the first group, because I wanted to get it over with.

I lined up with two other ladies and three guys, and we set out to do: 50 push-ups, 30 ball slams, 50 kettle bell squats, 30 burpees, 100 pike crunches, 50 standing lunges (on each leg), and 50 dumbbell rear deltoid flies, for a total of 360 reps.

Mandee Montana

With an atmosphere of excitement, other contestants and the trainers cheered us on. I nearly gave way during the lunges - like literally almost fell over, but I finished. Before I joined the HEAT program I had never done a burpee, and Saturday I was able to do 30 in a row. I was not near the fastest time, but I achieved my goal, which was to complete the workout. Six weeks from now I hope to improve my time.

My competitive spark has been reignited, and now I know that my goals are in sight. With the help of personal training and the HEAT program at 360 Fitness, I am now even more motivated to achieve them.