Going to school without school supplies is a reality for some children of  Smith County - whether it be not having a backpack, calculator, protractor, ruler, notebook or something as simple as a pen, pencil or crayons - all of these items are necessary for children to learn while in school.  That is why Mix 93-1 hosts the Biker's Rule 4 School motorcycle ride each year.

Find out how you can help the children of Smith County right after the jump.

The Biker's Rule 4 School is a day dedicated to collecting school supplies that will benenfit P.A.T.H.'s School Supply Train that helps provide school supplies to children of Smith County.  The ride is happening Saturday, July 23rd and begins at Broadway Square Mall @ 10a.

Now even if you don't have a bike or ride you can still help out school children by dropping off new school supplies at one of our many drop off locations and everything collected will go to P.A.T.H.

Drop off locations:

Lonestar Harley Davidson - E SE Loop 323 - Tyler
Hot Rod (next to Lonestar Harley Davidson) - E SE Loop 323 - Tyler
Cooperative Teachers Credit Union - SW Loop 323 - Tyler
Danco Packaging - Hwy 155 South - Tyler
Select Power Sports - Hwy 69 North - Lindale
Mix 93-1 studio - 2 blocks behind Chili's off Loop 323 - Tyler


The 3rd annual Biker's Rule 4 School bike ride is happening Saturday, July 23rd and will feature hundreds and hundreds of bike going on a bike ride throughout Smith County for more than 100 miles!  Register early and get complete details on the Mix 93-1 Events calendar or on the Bikers Rule 4 School Facebook page!  Even if you're not a biker you can still come out to see the bikes at Broadway Square Mall, our stop in Chapel Hill or at our finish point at the Shriner's Center on Hwy. 31.


We look forward to an exciting ride this year!