Perhaps it's because I'm twisted, perhaps it's because I have no life, but I love to be scared!  Scary movies, haunted houses, urban legends - bring it!!  There's a group of ghosthunters in Longview called the Unkonwn Paranormal Group that will be streaming live from the Howard-Dickinson House in Henderson on Saturday night.  Have you heard of this place? Special events, weddings, they host things like that.

They also host a lot of weird incidents such as lights flickering on and off. cold spots, falling pictures, flying furniture, and ladies who appear and disappear again.  Love it!  They will be streaming live this weekend and you can see it all go down on their site.   I'm a Christian and I try not to read too much into this kind of stuff but I guess I'm failing as I do plan to check it out this weekend.

Oh, by the way, there was a death in the Howard-Dickinson house back in the day.  Two boys were cleaning their guns in the basement when one mysteriously went off and killed one of the boys and wounded the other. The boy who died tried to drag himself through the house looking for help before he died.  Creepy!

Feel free to share your favorite East Texas haunted spots with me this afternoon on Mix 93.1!!