There was no winner last night in the Mega Millions Lottery, so this means the jackpot for Friday will go up to an estimated $476 million! If you win, here are a few recommendations on how you can spend the money to make Tyler a better place for us to live.


Anirudh Koul, Flickr


A Music Venue


I've grown up in Tyler. Been here 37 years and the question that is always asked, but never answered is “Why does Tyler not have a better place for concerts?” Being in between Dallas and Shreveport is the perfect spot for a band to make a quick stop and play for a few thousand people. If you win the cash, please make this the first thing on your list to build. You'll be a richer person than when you started if you'll just do it.


evilgurl, Flickr


Build An Overpass Or Two


Traffic in Tyler is horrible. There is no doubt that the city has grown quicker than city managers expected. Do us all a favor if you become stupidly rich and build some overpasses to help relieve the congestion!


ferret1 11, Flickr


Build Another IHOP


Besides the question of why we don't have a decent place for a concert, question number two by residents of Tyler has always been, “Why is there only one IHOP in Tyler?” Let's change that.


MBK, Flickr


Bring (Back) Popeye's Chicken


We used to have a couple. Why they didn't make it is a mystery to me. Maybe Tylerites just didn't appreciate a good thing when they had it, but now we want it back! Spicy Cajun style chicken? I'm in!


Edward Beavers, Flickr


Build A Dave And Busters


It's like a grown up Chuck-E-Cheese! Food, beer and games — enough said!