For the last 12 years, students at North Penn High School have been working hard day after day to achieve their goal of graduating. After all of that dedication and hard work, the day finally came. The students didn't celebrate with just your typical "Congratulations we made it" speech by the valedictorian, but they paid tribute to the one thing that remained constant through those 12 years: the music.

A trio of students known as String Theory enthralled the graduates and attendees with a musical tour through their school years appropriately known as "The Circle Of Life." The trio performed a hit song from each of the 12 years they have been in school that helped shape their school career and helped remind students of the memories made and how far they had come.

They performed songs starting with "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys from 1999, to Usher's 2004 hit "Yeah!" and ended with the FUN. hit of 2012 "We Are Young." It is definitely a creative and memorable way to remember and pay tribute to all of the time they spent in school.

I see this becoming a new trend in graduations to come. It could soon replace the typical valedictorian-salutatorian speeches and give graduates something much more personal to take with them as they begin this next step in their life.