This week I found an email from a young man who plays tennis with my daughter -- in his email he asked Mix 93-1 to play a song for a girl. Apparently this young lady was on a vacation in Colorado and he is happy she is returning. Larid is one of those kids you are glad to know -- he is always polite, kinda a bit of a smartie pants but in a good way. Through our summer tennis program I get to see him a lot and it always makes my day. He is a sincere honest person. It was really sweet how to see how determined he was to get the song on the airwaves for this young lass. Video after the jump.
Music touches everyone either help raise you up or good company for a broken heart -- sometimes a song says what exactly how you feel. I am really lucky to have a great job where I get to help people everyday -- with just a few key strokes I can post this song and help create a memory for these two high school seniors. Have you ever had a song dedicated to you on the radio -- if so what was it? Did you ever call a station and dedicated a song to someone else? Come on share with us!