No matter what their official title is, a coach, a judge or a mentor, how much are the celebrities really making to sit on the panel and crush the dreams and make the dreams of potential singers happen?

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of the reported salaries for the judges on the many different singing competition reality shows and the money that each of the earn varies greatly (even among the same shows panel).  When American Idol returns in January it will have 3 new judges along with long time judge Randy Jackson.  Mariah Carey will earn $18 million for filling a seat on the panel, then Nicki Minaj will earn around $12 million while Keith Urban will take home around $5 million.  Last year Jennifer Lopez, earned $20 million during her final season on the show.

Britney Spears is earning around $15 million for her role as a judge on the new season of the X Factor on Fox.  The next season of The Voice will feature Shakira sitting in for Cee Lo Green and earning a paycheck of $12 million to sit in that revolving chair and Usher will be paid $7 million to fill the spot vacated by Christina Aguilera.