Does it feel like you spend $300 on Halloween?  Maybe you think it's only a few bags of candy and a costume, but when you do the math it adds up fast.

Did you know the average parent spends $32 on a child's costume, and the average pet owner spends $59 on a costume for the dog?  Priorities!  Can Fido even Trick-or Treat?  Chocolate is not good for dogs.

How long does it take you to decide what you're going to be? 

The Halloween Shopping Survey from Savers Inc., says 90 percent of adults are planning to create a brand new look this season rather than repurpose costumes from years past.  Another 81 percent will purchase new decorations for their home.

Additional highlights:

  • On average, people dressing up for Halloween spend 61 days planning and preparing their costumes.
  • 13 percent plan for Halloween a year or more in advance while 20 percent wait until the last minute to decide on their costume.
  • Pet owners will spend $59 on average dressing up their pets for Halloween
  • Parents on average will spend $32 on a child’s costume.

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