"I still can't believe I'm going to the Grammy's!" Those are the words Chastity Wages, of Bullard, said to me this afternoon when she dropped by the Mix 93.1 studio to pick up her tickets to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.  She will be at the show catching her two favorite artists -- Adele and Kelly Clarkson -- performing live and watching them pick up Grammy's, too!

Chastity won two tickets to the Grammy's, round-trip airfare and a three-night hotel stay for listening to Mix 93.1! When I called her and told her that she was the winner, she couldn't believe it.  She had to hear me, Lisa Thomas, Michael Storm, Jen Austin and Jeff Evans mention it on the air over and over until she started believing it.

I think it really hit her this week when I told her the tickets for the show arrived. Then when she picked them up this afternoon, IT WAS REAL!  She's taking her son, Hunter, along with her and she says he is so excited to go that's all he's been telling his friends about at school.

When talking about the show to her, Chastity would really like to bump into L.L. Cool J.  She's looking forward to the live performances and after doing a little research, she says, "The earlier I get there, the more stars I'm likely to see. So we're going early to get some good pictures!"

Catch the 54th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night on CBS and we'll check in with Chastity on Monday for a report on what it was like to go to the biggest event in the music industry. Plus, we'll find out what stars she bumped into and hung out with, too!