Season 12 of 'American Idol' produced some of the best talent the show has ever had. One of those talents included seventh place finisher Colton Dixon. Colton was the front runner up until his shocking elimination. Well his debut album hit stores this week and it is one of the best albums to come from an Idol alum in a very long time.

Colton always voiced his faith during the show, which some thought would dim his chances of winning. But it turned out to be the best thing. Dixon has released his debut album 'A Messenger', a Christian record but with a rock flare. His album is currently #6 on iTunes over all genres, and #1 in the Christina genre.

With a new album release, the only logical next step is a tour. He as a good amount of tour experience after months on the "Idols LIVE! Tour". Colton joins Christian artists Josh Wilson and Third Day on the Third Day Miracle Tour.

I got the wonderful opportunity to chat with Colton and hear him perform live. I was actually one of the very first people to ever hear some of these songs (hence the picture). If you loved him on 'Idol', you will love this album. It is everything that we loved about him compiled into 11 songs. From his awesome hair, to his rock flare, unique tone, and more.