Last weekend while driving around East Texas I had an interesting and funny conversation with my daughter and it began with the statement, 'If I were President'. If you've got children I'm sure you've had this conversation with them a time or two, but what my daughter said would happen if she was President was pretty funny. Starting off she said everyone would have to serve her macaroni and cheese and pizza and that's all she would be eating! So I said that would be the official White House menu for everyone and she said yes!

I think quite a few people would like what she had planned for us next. If my daughter was President of the United States she said all cars would cost us $500, gas would be just $2 a gallon and everyone would live in mansions with the rent only being $2! Oh, and if you wanted a lime it would originally cost you $2000 but she slashed that price to $1000!

After discovering that my next vehicle could potentially cost me only $500 with gas being $2 a gallon I was extremely excited.

Then the conversation changed from that to the line of the presidency and she was curious to know, if the President died who would take over. I told her it would be the Vice-President and that would be Joe Biden and of course she followed it up with, "What if he dies?"

I told her it would be the Speaker of the House and that would be Nancy Pelosi.

Her response to that was, "so she would be the first woman President?"

I told her yes and she said she wanted to be the President of the US when she grows up! I told her that she can do that but she has to do great in school and know a lot of stuff.

After doing a little research, I found out that Nancy Pelosi was no longer the Speaker of the House and that role was filled by John Boehner in 2011! After learning that I do recall seeing him on the news but didn't relate the two I guess! We all learn something everyday!

After having this type of conversation with your kids, what are some of the funny things they'd say they would do if they became President of the United States of America? Let me know by leaving them in the comment section below.