We've known for a couple of months now that Justin Timberlake has more in store for us via The 20/20 Experience. Yesterday he teased his new single "Take Back the Night" with a short video, but blurred the release date. With love for JT, I dug deep into my photo archives for a Throwback Thursday photo of my attempt to score tickets to see *NSYNC's 'No Strings Attached Tour.'

If you loved *NSYNC like I did, you remember that in May of 2000, tickets went on sale and sold out the first day. They added additional tour dates, and the tour soon became the second highest grossing tour in North America, grossing over $70 million. If you weren't on the ball, or like me you couldn't convince your parents to get on ticketmaster.com immediately, then getting tickets become insanely difficult.

Mandee Montana

During the summer of 2000, my favorite local radio station, Mix, was offering a last ditch effort to obtain a pair of tickets. Luck Larry and his morning team, held a contest called *Nsane for *NSYNC! The idea was to show up at On the Border in Tyler and prove your insanity. My friend Stephanie and I just thought we were insane. As you can see, we had scribbled the band members names all over our legs.

What we found when we arrived was truly insane. One girl had gotten a tattoo in green and black flames on her ankle that read *Nsane for *Nsync, another young lady made herself into a human peanut butter and jelly sandwich by coating a slip n' slide with the items then repeatedly sliding her body across it... this was just the beginning - like I said it was insane.

Needless to say we didn't win tickets that day, but HBO saved the day for the masses who were unable to attend by creating a concert special, live from Madison Square Garden.

Luckily a friend had HBO, recorded it on VHS and dubbed it. I must have watched that tape over 100 times. That tape and a small TV/VCR combo even went on a road trip to Six Flags Over Texas, but that's another story for another day. I was pretty obsessed with *NSYNC, like most teenage girls at the time, and it appears that Justin is now profiting from our teen obsessions. Did I mention that I bought the 20/20 Experience on iTunes the day it dropped in March?

Are you excited about the second half of Justin's 20/20 Experience?