'Duck Dynasty' is currently in the middle of its third season on A&E, but there could be troubles brewing for a possible fourth season due to salary negotiations between the network and the famed Robertson family.

The show is currently up for renewal for a fourth season on A&E, but salary negotiations have stalled that, and according to reports, things could get ugly -- including holding up production of the show if negotiations go sour.

The show's stars, the Robertson family, are reportedly asking for more than $200,000 per episode to return for Season 4, and they are also asking for raises each year beyond the fourth season.

'Duck Dynasty' is the highest-rated show in its 9 p.m. slot on A&E, and the premiere of Season 3 was watched by 8.6 million viewers in February. The show owns a 3.9 rating in its key demographic of adults age 18 to 49, monstrous numbers for a cable-only program. It is second only to AMC's 'The Walking Dead' in cable ratings.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that the network does not get as much return on investment in 'Duck Dynasty' as other shows, which is playing a role in the process. But, the source also said, "It'll all get worked out."

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