Is Miley Cyrus on her way to becoming the new Lindsay Lohan? She's a child star who was wildly successful and is now hell bent on showing us all that she is now an adult.

With the twerking business at the VMAs and her latest video for Wrecking Ball, in which she is filmed riding a wrecking ball nude, I'm left concerned about her attention seeking behavior.

We've seen so many child stars turn into absolute train wrecks in their early adulthood. Amanda Bynes has been the most recent sad case. For her part, it appears that she may now be getting the help she really needs from physicians.

Miley has been prancing around for the last several months in whie tank tops, chopped off her hair and encouraged a dance trend called twerking. Her album is set for release in October, and shortly after she has been asked to perform double duty on Saturday Night Live as both host and musical guest.

In an ironic twist, Miley actually spoofed Lindsay when she hosted the last time: