Colbie Callait will be releasing her next album sometime next month and while her fans wait for its arrival, all they have is 'Hold On' to listen to until its arrival and now, fans can see her in the video for the song that came out a few days ago.

When coming up with the concept of the video, Colbie tells ABC New Radio that she wanted it to be at night.

Colbie's cousin isn't the only family member that has assisted her on the project, her dad has helped her out quite a bit. He is a Grammy award winning engineer and producer that's actually worked on several of her albums.

There's no word yet whether Colbie plans on touring to support the new album, but as fans wait on that new, they can see her perform in Amnesty International's "Bringing Human Rights Home" concert on February 5th along with The Fray, Imagine Dragons, Lauryn Hill and others.