It's Jane's first time as an Emmy host and Mark Burnett's first time as a producer.  But something tells is there won't be many first-time kinks.  If anyone can exceed expectations, it's those two!

Jane won the Emmy last year for supporting actress in a comedy, for her role in Glee.

Are nerves causing Jane to lose sleep over Sunday's event?  She says she had some anxiety about it for awhile, but now that the telecast is closer she's actually resting easier.  Read the rest here.

Mark Burnet told ABC, "We have a great host, she's got a great energy and great talent, great writers, great production team, and it's a matter of all being kind to each other, and knowing it will all come together."  And he says the opening bit will be hilarious.  We have no doubt.

Think Jane's acceptance speech last year after her win, got her the hosting gig this year?  She was hilarious!  We're looking forward to Sunday.