In September 2011 John Mayer announced he was going to have to have surgery on his vocal cords to remove a granuloma which had plagued him and kept him from singing for a while.  He underwent surgery in October of last year and then went through an extensive recovery process.  John felt well enough after recovery to release a new album called Born And Raised and was looking forward to touring and performing his new songs.  Because the surgery didn't work as well as expected he had to cancel all of the shows and go on complete vocal rest once again.

Since making that announcement back in March, John has made a handful of public appearances, but has limited them to short speaking engagements and has said he misses singing and his fans.  Now it appears as if John will be going under the knife once again to have doctors work on his vocal cords sometime near the end of August.  He says via his Tumblr account,

I’m about to enter the prep/surgery/recovery wormhole next week (edit: surgery at the end of August) , but I’m excited to get back to it next year. Hope you’re all having a great summer."

Also, yesterday, John announced that he would would be releasing a new EP on iTunes August 7th called The Complete Mr. J.C. Mayer 2012 Performances Collection.  This exclusive mini-album will contain four in studio acoustic performances.  So if you're a big John Mayer fan, these will be the final four songs you'll get from him until he completely recovers from this latest round of vocal cord surgery.