As if we didn't have enough reason to love Justin Beiber, this just solidifies the fact he has a heart of gold. 6-year old Avalanna Routh (who calls herself Mrs. Beiber) is battling a rare form of cancer called ATRT, but she's also come down with a bad case of Beiber Fever as well. Well Justin got word of this precious little girl and made her dreams come true.

According to the Today Show, Beiber flew Avalanna and her family to New York where she got to spend the day with her 'husband'. The couple played games, ate, sang, and she even got to style that luscious hair of his. Justin sent tweets and pictures of their day letting fans know how much he adores this little girl. That is one experience that Avalanna will never, ever forget. We're pretty sure Selena didn't mind sharing her man with this little girl, although she does give Selena some stiff competition.