Now that you and the #1 Bieber fan in your house have both seen Justin Bieber:  Never Say Never in theaters...parents, get ready to shell out another $9 (or so) to see it again on March 4th!  That's the release date for Never Say Never 2.0 according to Billboard.

The updated film will include 20 pieces of music that are not in the current movie.

According to Billboard the changes were made

based on comments received after test screenings of the film in December.

And just in time for back to school shopping, this will most likely be on your kids' personal shopping list the DVD version of the movie!  Billboard says it'll be in stores in August.

I guess I can see this coming with other movies too, they already do it with cd releases - an artist will release an album, then a couple of months later come back with the deluxe edition and add extras to it.  Why not do it with movies now!

Do you think you'll be shelling out more money to see this movie as a 2.0 version?