Justin Timberlake is back on the top of the music world this week with the release of his latest album The 20/20 Experience which sold more than 950,000 copies during its first full week of sales.

When the album first debuted, Billboard predicted that Justin would sell around a half a million copies of the album, both as a traditional album and digital download. As sales progressed throughout the week, they revised that number up to 800,000 and Justin's recording partner and friend Jay Z predicted that he would break the million mark and was ready to celebrate by tweeting the following to Justin:


Justin responded with


The 20/20 Experience ended up selling close to Jay Z's prediction by selling 968,000 copies giving Timberlake his second #1 album on Billboard's 200 Album chart. His first was with Future Sex/LoveSounds back in 2006 and that debut only sold 684,000 copies.

So what's next for Justin? A tour with Jay Z that kicks off in Toronto in mid-July and runs through mid-August and rumor is that Justin will follow that up with a solo tour shortly after, but no official word has been announced.

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