Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the Governor of California, Jessie Ventura the Governor of Michigan and singer Sonny Bono was a congressman in Washington for a number of years so why not get a huge pop star from today to take over the most powerful office on the Earth? That's exactly what fans want Justin Timberlake to do!

According to a recent poll conducted by, Justin Timberlake is the pop star from today that people would like to see take over the Oval Office.

While Justin came in with 34% of the votes in the poll, Adele garnered 19% followed by Beyonce with 14% and her husband Jay-Z came in fourth place with just 9% of the vote.

Ironically the top two vote getters can't obtain that office for different reasons. Justin is too young. To be the President of the United States you must be at least 35 making him a few years too young, but opens up plenty of time for campaigning and building a platform though. For Adele, she could never make history and be the first woman president because she is a British citizen and not a native-born U.S. citizen.