Justin Timberlake stopped his recent concert in San Jose, and invited 25,000 fans to help him sing happy birthday to an 8 year old boy with Autism.It was a special moment for Julian and his parents. His dad, Peter, shares his description on YouTube, but the end brought me to tears:

Now I have found that others don’t always find all the things you find beautiful about your child to be so beautiful but I think that’s where Leonard Bernstein comes in. Everyone around us saw it. Everyone felt it but none of us could name it.

And at the perfect quiet moment, the group in front of us started yelling to get Justin’s attention, because despite his loud volume, Julian’s voice was not carrying. Only repeating. And then before we knew what was happening, the group in front of us that had turned out to be so incredibly kind all night to our birthday boy, and these gorgeous girls who I was convinced would be totally annoyed by Julian, had captured Justin’s attention. And then it happened. Justin Timberlake was singing Happy Birthday. They all were.
The awesome grandmother of 3 sitting in front of us.
The model-esque girls sitting to our right.
The people sitting to our left that offered us the video that they captured of the whole thing.
They were all singing.
All 25,000 of them.

Mom posted to instagram an awesome excited photo of her son, "We love you, Julian AND we love YOU Justin Timberlake !!!" she wrote. "Thank you for making his birthday SO special!!!"