It looks like Kat Von D's engagement to EDM hit maker deadmau5 is, well, dead. The 'L.A. Ink' star confirmed via Twitter that she and deadmau5 are no longer tying the knot, and from the sound of it, they are done for good. 

The tattoo artist to the stars is alleging that deadmau5 (born Joel Zimmerman) was unfaithful, and tweeted the news to her fans:


Nothing hurts worse than being cheated on, and unfortunately, Von D knows this all too well -- not only from her relationship with the 'Maths' DJ, but also from her turbulent love affair with the most famous cheater of them all, Jesse James.

Despite her sadness, Von D followed up her initial tweets with some positive words:

Now, we're not entirely sure about these cheating rumors, especially since deadmau5 hasn't tweeted anything about him and Von D calling it quits. But one thing we do know is that deadmau5 has departed from Ultra Records, which he announced via Twitter in a very deadmau5 way:

Well, alright then.

Here's hoping to happiness for both Kat and the mau5.