The third season finale of Glee is quickly approaching, and the guest stars just keep getting better and better. Whoopi Goldberg, Lindsey Lohan, and Perez Hilton are all set to appear in the last few episodes of this current season. But writers and producers have already locking down some of the biggest names in the industry for the upcoming fourth season. They just announced that a Golden-Globe winner and an Emmy winner will join the cast in Season 4.

Golden Globe winner Kate Hudson is set to appear in a six episode arc starting in season four. Emmy award winner Sarah Jessica Parker will be making her first return to television since starring in Sex And The City in a multiple episode arc on the show. If we're lucky, maybe both Hudson and Parker will show off some vocal skills.

Fox President Kevin Reilly spilled some beans about the upcoming season, but kept the major plot points a secret. Reilly said the show is "poised for a real creative renaissance. Several characters are graduating, we're going to have a show within a show, following some characters to New York to a school for the arts." Does this mean we get to see characters such as Finn, Rachel, and Kurt get into their dream schools?

But fear not, Gleeks, the main part of the show will still be set at McKinley High in good ol' Lima, Ohio, with new characters being introduced as well. Take note, that the fourth season of Glee is being moved to Thursday nights at 9 pm following The X Factor.