Kelly Clarkson was a part of an invitation only concert this past week in Nashville for a group of radio programmers where she debuted a new song during the performance. Kelly was backed by one of her favorite groups, the Pistol Annies, which includes East Texan Miranda Lambert (also married to her good friend Blake Shelton).

An insider at the show said Kelly prefaced the song by saying, "Unfortunately, you ain't gonna like this!" (Yahoo! Our Country blog) The words were uttered by design though because the name of the song is "You Ain't Gonna Like This"! According the insider, Kelly does a lot of name dropping in the song, including Bonnie Raitt, Prince, B.B. King, Vince Gill and Aretha Franklin to name a few!

Give the song a listen for yourself.
Warning though, the quality isn't the best though!

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