Kelly Clarkson will be playing herself tonight as The Crazy Ones makes its debut tonight on CBS. The sitcom stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar and this isn't Kelly's first time to appear on a TV show, Kelly's also appeared on numerous holiday specials, in Six Feet Under, Las Vegas, Cold Case, One Tree Hill and more. You can't forget about her role in her debut movie From Justin to Kelly along with appearances in quite a few other movies too.

For her role in the debut episode of The Crazy Ones on CBS tonight, Kelly will be playing a sexed up version of herself. In the show she wants to update her image and agrees to do a commercial for the ad agency if she can sing about sex!

When Kelly was originally offered the role on the show, she turned it down the first time. Kelly admits to being terrified to go a little racy on camera and the reason for turning the role down but ended up loving it because she was in the same scene with one of her favorite actors, Robin Williams.

Kelly says,

He was very much a light in the room. You can tell why he's had such a career, like, an amazing career, 'cause people want to work with people like that."

The Crazy Ones debuts tonight at 8p on CBS 19.

Catch Kelly's moment on the show in the following video.