While the lines were open for "Let It Go" on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this morning the cast ran across Derrick. Derrick wanted to tell his boss to let it go because he was quitting his job after eighteen years because he won a rather large lottery jackpot total and his boss couldn't change his mind. Derrick also revealed he is two years away from retirement but his boss couldn't change his mind and he was still leaving his job because he won $2.5 million in a scratch off lottery game.

After hearing that Kellie opened up along with Al trying to convince Derrick to not leave his job because he's just two years away from his retirement saying although that's a lot of money it's not life changing money and reminded him of the TLC show "How The Lottery Changed My Life"! I believe they were trying to tell Derrick to 'let it go' and put in his final two years so he wouldn't mess up his retirement! In the end though it sounded as Derrick was still leaving his job.