Today I was asked why I never wear high heels.  The thought of those torture devices makes me wince.  When it comes to my foot wear I choose comfort over fashion.

My sister on the other hand is the complete opposite of me.  This is the girl who willing wears a  skirt and strappy sandals during the cold months of the year because she is all about appearance.  I love her to death but I won't be borrowing her shoes any time soon.

Below is proof that I am not crazy for not wanting to wear high heels.

The most common problem when wearing high heels is the blisters!  Those nasty little sores that creep up on you as the day goes on.  I found the best fix for this band aides!  Another tip is to generously apply some lotion on your feet which stops the dreaded blister before it happens.

Other problems suffered by the fashionable are:

  • Stress fractures which are cracks in the small bones of our feet.
  • Ankle problems from rolling or twisting.
  • Joint pain especially on the balls of the feet caused by uneven weight distribution.
  • Back problems because lets face it, our bodies were not designed to walking with our heels being constantly elevated.