Gaga's latest video debuted last night on E! and it's nearly 15 minutes long!  The autobiographical mini-movie was directed by the Mother Monster herself. The video starts off with Gaga in a brown wig, on a gurney, wheeled by nurses in some sort of psych ward or hospital.

The nurse calls her the “morphine princess.” Gaga then says, “I’m gonna make it.” The nurse’s reply: “No intimacy for two weeks.” It makes us wonder if that rumored sex change took place or if she had an abortion or something. Since the video is about her quest for fame and stardom, maybe she had to make sacrifices? You never know. Once again, Gaga got us thinking thanks to her sweeping artistic statements in a video.

Then the video transitions to Gaga performing ballet in an empty theater and other shots include her going crazy in her bedroom while speaking French and topless.  But those images are censored.

The video continues with an aged Lady Gaga and after a brief meltdown, the video kicks off with Gaga abandoning an exploding car and then performing with dancers.

As usual, it's pretty provocative and it'll take you a few times of watching it to catch it all.

After seeing the video, what do you think about it?