Last night Lady Gaga served as a guest judge on the Fox show, So You Think You Can Dance.  She was sporting her long straight blueish-green hair wearing a red and yellow jacket/pant outfit and a captains hat, but that wasn't what caught my attention though - it was her crying after watching one of the performances.

Lady Gaga displayed a wide range of emotions while judging the show - after Mark's performance last night she was crying.  Then on the other hand she was so excited for Melanie's performance and at one point while judging, she threw one of her shoes on stage (apparently it's a sign of an awesome performance!)

Lady Gaga will be back on the results show tonight on Fox 51.

Catch Mark's performance in the video below with Lady Gaga's tearful reaction.  Who do you think danced the best on the show last night and who's going home?