Lady Gaga's releasing her new album Born This Way on Monday and that's when her media blitz will be at its peak.  The blitz has been going on for a while but it really ramps up this weekend because she is the scheduled musical guest on Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake hosting.  It's been said she could be appearing in a featured skit Saturday night. Gaga has also been releasing songs from her new album for a couple of week's now via iTunes.  Now MTV has announced they'll be airing a one-hour special on Monday the 26th at 8p called Lady Gaga:  Inside The Outside.  It'll show some of the moments that have shaped and made her career, her talking about her rise to fame and at one point in the special she recalls and talks about being bullied as a kid.

Then Lady Gaga will be the musical guest on The Late Show with David Letterman Monday night on CBS19 at 10:35p.

As if that's not enough, Lady Gaga tops this years Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 list!  She doesn't have as much money as some of the celebrities on the list but she apparently has more power Oprah Winfrey!

You're in the middle of it right now ... the Lady Gaga media blitz is on!

Couple of questions for ya...
1 - will you be buying Born This Way for your mp3 player?
2 - does Gaga have the staying power as an artist with the likes of Madonna, Prince, Springsteen, U2 or will her career be done within a year or 2?

Check out some of Lady Gaga's videos.

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Lady Gaga - Born This Way

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