Lady Gaga released her latest album, Born This Way, on Monday and she teamed up with Amazon to offer her little monsters a special deal...the entire Born This Way album as an mp3 download for only $0.99!  A great offer that almost ended up shutting down!

There were so many Little Monsters buying up this album at the same time that it slowed down Amazon's servers and some users only received part of the album or experienced very s-l--o---w download speeds.  Amazon released the following statement (via their Twitter account but has since been removed):

Amazon is experiencing high volume and downloads are delayed. If customers order today, they will get the full Lady Gaga, Born This Way album for $0.99. Thanks for your patience." (

The whole experience was pretty bad for some little monsters that they gave the new album a one star rating in Amazon's rating system.  It's most likely due to Amazon's service that they were so upset at they had to take their frustrations out on something and now the album suffers from a 3 star rating.

Were you one of the Little Monsters that went through this experience?  Did you eventually get you mp3 album?  What do you think of Lady Gaga's Born This Way?