Fame has a price and one guy from One Direction is paying the price right now and talking about it. Liam reveals to the London Evening Standard as being homesick.

Since he and his band mates won the British edition of the X Factor, they've bascially been plucked from their hometowns and put on the road. You would think winning the show along with touring would be great because you gain fame and fortune, have screaming girls all around wherever you go, there's no school schedule and you're seeing the world too. However for Liam he says,

I miss my home town a lot. We were kind of pulled out of home after The X Factor and we didn't realise that we may not be going back. We've hardly been back at all and I do miss Wolverhampton ... I really like going into the town centre and shopping and doing things like sitting on the sofa watching Friends. I'd even like to go back to school for a day."

It appears as if he's not going to be going home soon because the band is still on their sold out 2013 tour right now in the U.K. with Europe following and then it's off here to the U.S. in June. The guys will be in Dallas at the American Airlines Center on Monday, July 22nd.