Usually when I see a meme on my Facebook wall, I don't pay any attention to it and honestly most of the time I'll scroll past them or try to hide them because my wall gets so inundated with them that it just aggravates me! However, there is one that caught my attention the other night while I was scrolling down my Facebook wall. I wasn't quite sure what was being described in the picture, but my friends' caption was "keeping this handy". I just had to see what the whole picture was about and what I learned was quite amusing!

Now the title of the page that I was linked off too was "99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier". Like I said before, I don't usually like the memes and I usually hide them, but after looking at this one and thought, "Wow, that's kinda cool and ingenious too!" I was sucked in, much like a moth to a flame! I found myself looking at all 99 (I guess there were 99, I took the titles word that there were) pictures that had been enhanced by different fonts.

After looking at all of them, there were quite a few that I could find handy and a couple of them I thought "now why didn't I think of that" and still a few I could have used recently! So if you wanna waste some of your bosses time, check 'em out and let me know which one(s) do find the most helpful or ingenious by letting me know in the comment section below.

Here are a couple others, but you've gotta see the full list to be impressed from all these memes. The next time I see a meme on my Facebook wall, I might not be so quick to dismiss it!