Lindsay Lohan is back in jail.  She was in court today to plead not guilty at the preliminary hearing in her felony theft case involving a $2500 necklace she allegedly stole from an L.A. store in January.

Find out how long she could be staying in jail this time after the jump.

While the judge reduced the charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor on the grounds that the offense and Lindsay’s record did not warrant a felony charge, she sentenced the actress to 120 days in jail for violating her probation.  After hearing the store owner testify that LiLo’s friend distracted her with questions as the actress put on the jewelry then covered it up with her own necklaces and quickly left, the judge felt there was intent and Lohan wanted to see what she could get away with. reports her dad, Michael, was in the courtroom when Judge Fox made the ruling and reacted by saying,

Oh God."

as Lindsay rose up, looked at her attorney and then handcuffed.  Lindsay's attorney plans to appeal the ruling but in the meantime, Lohan can post bail, which was set at $300,000.  Lindsay will also have to serve more than 400 hours of community service.

Do you think she'll actually spend time behind bars?  If so, how much time do you think she'll be there?