Lorde, who prefers to be called by her own name Ella, had one of the biggest hit songs of 2013, 'Royals.' The song not only topped the charts, but also garnered the 17-year old New Zealand native her first Grammy award. What's more, she's followed her regal debut with another edgy teen anthem, 'Team.'

Speaking to the Australian Herald-Sun, Lorde says, "It’s comforting knowing I have two singles that went platinum in the U.S.," though she says she was concerned at first that radio stations wouldn't play "Team." "[It]'s got that weird intro," she tells the paper. "I thought, 'Some radio station somewhere is gonna cut that out.'"

The weird intro stayed - and happens to be one of my favorite things about the song. Lorde
goes on to talk about the fact that she is not a cookie-cutter pop artist.

"People have gotten used to me being who I am, being not the typical pop musician," says the teen. "People are really accommodating of that.”

Lorde's ability to transcend what we expect of pop artists has helped her stand out as an
individual, but the recognition how not clouded her self-perception.

"I don’t think I’m any cooler as a result,” Ella tells the paper. "It’s super nice I got given a
Grammy but I don’t wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think, ‘You are looking at a Grammy-winning artist!’ I’m not this crazy freak about it.”