Lorde has risen to fame quickly, but so far she seems to be staying true to herself. She almost prides herself on her imperfection.

Speaking to Vogue magazine, Lorde explains, "I think for me to look superhuman would be an insane amount of effort and I would just be so bored. Even trying to get a little bit presentable takes a lot of time."  She notes that until recently, she was a high school student, so, she says, "I know what it’s like to be surrounded by real faces."

"I’ve always had pretty bad acne," she continues. "Coming into the music industry where everyone is very beautiful, it’s easy to think that that is the norm, but it isn’t at all. I wanted to make it known to my peers, the girls I go to school with and young women who are listening to my music, that you can have flaws and things aren’t perfect all the time."

Of course Lorde does realize that in the industry she must look presentable, and she has recently collaborated with MAC cosmetics to create her own line. And as for her glorious curly locks, they aren't going anywhere.

"I’ve never had a little pixie cut, so I’ve been growing this for a really long time. It’s very much a part of my vibe and my sense of physicality and movement," she told Style.com.  "It’s definitely a part of me. I love that it can be that much of an identity. It’s also a good safety blanket; I definitely hide behind it sometimes."  The one drawback?  "It gets really matted if I don’t wash it for a while."

Personally, I'm enjoying her latest release, Tennis Court. Have you seen the video yet?