I was thinking back this morning about my very first day on the air and the very first song I ever got to mention live on the air.  As you can imagine, I was very nervous, it was my first time on a real commercial radio station (all of my experience up until that point was on a closed circuit college station at UT Arlington).  It was shortly after midnight, because I was on the midnight to 6 a.m. shift on weekdays, and I remember saying something like this before the Spice Girls "Wannabe:"

Hey this is Lucky Larry on Mix 107.3 and here are the Spice Girls!"

Short, sweet, to the point and very nervous!  I have it on tape somewhere, but I've gotta find the cassette. Thank goodness a little of the nerves have gone away, but they return when I have to get on stage in front of a huge crowd, which these days are few and far between!

With all this reminiscing, I thought about five of the biggest songs that we were playing back in 1997 on Mix 107.3 and here are just a few of the videos: