Driving can be and is a very stressful thing for many of us. My wife is constantly reminding me that I'm an aggressive driver, something I disagree with because there are those things that other drivers do while behind the wheel of an automobile that can really set me off sometimes.

For instance, on the way home the other afternoon I was going south on Old Jacksonville past Three Lakes Parkway where the speed limit bumps up from 50mph to 55mph and the car in front of me was going 45mph - which was fine, but the car beside them was going the same speed (probably not realizing it), but when the speed limit changed the car on my right sped up but the one in front of me kept doing 45. So, when I was able to pass them on their right I was curious as to why they'd continue to go 45mph in a 55 zone, it was because they were texting while driving. This is something I cannot stand. Get off your phone, stop texting and drive. Your email and texts can wait.

There are plenty more things that get me going including people who wait until the last minute to merge lanes while in a construction zone. You were warned as much as a quarter mile to 1500 to 1000 feet prior that you are to merge! So go ahead and do it and not wait until there's no lane left to get over. That's probably number 2 on my list of driving pet peeves!