Hopefully you signed up and are playing in our NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge because you have the chance to win the $1 million dollar grand prize or other prizes from Mix 93-1! You're also playing against me! A disc jockey who knows absolutely nothing about the NCAA teams, but apparently I did pretty good on the games from day 1.

There are two Mix VIPs that are in the lead with 14 correct picks, 16 are better than me with 13 correct picks and around 23 of us are in the hunt with 12 correct picks like myself.

Now I don't often brag on myself but I consider this a big accomplishment for myself, especially when I'm in the lead among the other air talent in our station cluster. I am leading Amy Austin and Buddy Logan from 101.5 KNUE but one game this morning and ahead of Fish from 96X by two games. But that could all be changing this afternoon, but right now I'm proud and bragging and showing the standings off for all to see!

All I can say is, I hope I continued to pick the winners! Only time will tell.

You can check your standings in the competition anytime and good luck on winning the million dollars too!